Sunshine's Friends Cat and Dog Rescue - a ray of hope for helpless animals
Sunshine's Freinds Cat and Dog Rescue

Visit out petfinder site

We have partnered with Petfinder ™ to list the cats we have available for adoption.  You can visit our Petfinder site to learn more about the cats and kittens we are trying to rehome.

Barn Cats for placement

Some of our rescued cats that aren't suitable as pets would thrive in a farm environment, providing "green rodent control" in barns.  These cats are spayed/ neutered and get shots like all of Sunshine's freinds.


Learn about cats that have been successfully rehomed with forever guardians and the way both have had their lives changed.


Make an appointment to meet a cat in person to see if you are a good match.  Download the adoption form - it will help you think about the responsibilities you are taking on and assist us in finding a good cat match.

Download the barn cat form to arrange for placement of cats at your farm. 

Cats for adoption

Meet the cats that are available for adoption at the sponsorship.  If you can't adopt, consider sponsoring a resident.