This year we were fortunate to receive the following grants that support our operations and goals: 

  • Binky Foundation "First Steps" grant

     In October 2015, the Binky Foundation provided a generous "First Steps" grant to Sunshines Freinds Cat Rescue and Sanctuary.  We are in the process of converting an existing garage at the Sanctuary into an area for kitten isolation and adoptions.  The objective is to separate kittens and adoptable cats from the general population of permanent sanctuary residences and to provide a separate entrance to this area for volunteers and potential adopters.  This "First Steps" grand, along with money from donors and fund raising events will only take  few weeks to complete, but will provide years of use and benefit to Sunshine’s Friends.  Thank you again, Binky Foundation !  

  • Maryland Department of agriculture GRANTs

     We applied for and received two grants from the Maryland Department of Agriculture under their Spay and Neuter Grants Program.  Both grants provide funding during the period from 01 November 2015 to 31 October 2016.

1. Jessup Spay and Neuter Your Pet

     This Department of Agriculture grant provided us with funding to spay and/or neuter pets belonging to resident of Jessup, MD.  It covers the costs for the operations plus a rabies shot for 100 pet cats and 50 pet dogs.  We are also offering to safely transport the animals to & from  the vet for residents who cannot do it themselves due to work schedules, health issues, or lack of transportation. We teamed with Spay Now in Laurel, MD to perform the operations, and they are also offering reduced cost shots and parasite treatment while the pets are there.

2. Jessup Community Cat Colonies

     This Department of Agriculture grant proovided us with funding to spay or neuter colony cats living in the Jessup, MD community.  We targeted 100 cats living in 5 known cat colonies for trap, neuter, and return (TNR) .  They will be fixed and receive rabies shots at Spay Now  Any kittens and non-feral cats will be rehomed through adoption and some cats will be relocated through our Bar Cat placement program.  The rest will be returned to the original location where identified caregivers provide them food and watch out for their well-being.  By stoping the reproduction cycle, the number of cats at these colonies will be stabilized and intake and eutnahasia rates at local animal shelters should be reduced. 


Current edition

Upcoming events:


  • 25-26 Apr 2017 - Spring cleanup weekend at the Sanctuary
    • Clean up the shelters for providing refuge to the residents
    • Inventory and maintain the traps to get ready for TNR season
  • 30 May 2017 - Yard Sale fundraiser to benefit SFCRS

Summer 2015

  • dates TBD - Cat Camp
    • Educational event for local kids 
  • 12-13 Sep 2017 - Shelter building weekend
  • date TBD - Adoption open house

Fall 2015

  • date TBD - Yard sale fundraiser 
  • 04 Oct 2017 - Quarter auction fundraiser
  • 05 Dec 2017 Cat food drive
    • Collecting food for supplying community cats with extra calories they need to survive winter weather

Winter 2016

  • date TBD - Winterize the community cat shleters