Sunshine's Friends Cat and Dog Rescue - a ray of hope for helpless animals
Sunshine's Freinds Cat and Dog Rescue

Obi-Wan (m) - our sanctuary mascot!
This 4-eared handsome boy is as sweet and lovable as he is unique. He's been neutered and has all his shots. We already have a Yoda so we named him Obi-Wan.  He's socialized now and has become a lap cat.

These kittens were born in early April and have been adopted into wonderful forever homes.  Two of four kittens were born missing a back limb... but these babies don't know the difference.  Help us to help cats and kittens like them.

Adopt us

There are many cats and kittens at the sanctuary that are waiting to be placed in a forever home with a person or family to call their own.

If you can't adopt, consider sponsoring one of our furry friends who will live out thier lives at the sanctuary with us. Some of these cats are not completely socialized or have medical concerns. We provide them with a comfortable home, love, as much attention as they will allow, good nutrition, and medical care. 

Our mission

(the five R's):

To RESCUE abandoned community cats and dogs in desperate situations; REHABILITATE the sick, the injured, and the abused; REHOME cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies ready for permanent placement with a suitable guardian; provide a loving REFUGE for cats and dogs that are not adopted; and REDUCE local shelter intake and euthanasia by promoting spaying and neutering.

Save a LIFE

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